Whether it's being a paramedic in New York City or upstate, there are a series of unique challenges to being an emergency medical specialist in this region. For the city dwellers, you know that the demands of the job will be intense, and there'll be plenty of shifts overnight with a lot of action. For our northern neighbors, a different and unique set of challenges await. In rural settings, one can deal with a lot of down time waiting for something to happen, only to have an acute crisis suddenly thrust upon you. It can be difficult to keep your skills up with no practice, and then to find yourself in a situation every bit as critical as those that busier paramedics face every day.

The New York State Department of Health lists a number of locales for paramedic training. The levels include certified first responder (CFR), emergency medical technician - basic (EMT-B), and advanced emergency medical technician at the intermediate, critical care, and paramedic levels. For those intending to practice within New York, it is strongly suggested that you attend one of the programs approved by the New York State Bureau of EMS.

By ensuring state regulation, training programs can be evaluated and confirmed to offer at minimum a satisfactory standard of knowledge along with adequate preparation for the unique challenges that being a paramedic entails. There is no substitute for real world experience, but coursework, book knowledge, and certified testing are all vital steps in becoming a fully competent emergency service provider.