There are paramedic training programs all over the state of Florida which specialize in teaching how to treat injuries or other medical emergencies for transport and stabilization to more central care centers. These training courses are regulated by the Florida Department of Health, who is also in charge of all emergency medical technicians and paramedics. EMTs and Paramedics across the state are comprised of a number of paid and volunteer positions.

Florida has two levels of certification for prehospital providers: EMT-Basic and Paramedic. Florida has over 61,500 certified EMTs and Paramedics. EMTs and Paramedics provide pre-hospital care for the citizens and visitors of Florida.

There are currently 70 schools offering 175 state approved initial training programs for individuals desiring to become certified as EMTs and Paramedics in the state of Florida.Students will be trained to a national standard to enter the workforce as an entry level provider.

More information can be found at the Florida Department of Health website: