There are paramedic training programs all over the state of California which specialize in teaching how to treat injuries or other medical emergencies for transport and stabilization to more central care centers. These training courses are regulated by the CAEMSA, or California Emergency Medical Services Authority. EMTs and Paramedics across the state are comprised of a number of paid and volunteer positions.

The basic requirements to become a paramedic in California are the following: 18 years of age, high school diploma, and some level of emergency medical technician training. Most choose to have at least level two, which requires the EMT I training in addition to two hundred and ten classroom hours and ninety six hours of practical experience. Applicants must also have passed the National Registery of Emergency Medical Technicians exam.

The California Emergency Medical Services Authority can be reached at (916) 322-4336 and Paramedic Licensure at (916) 323-9875.