Paramedic training is a vital first step on your path to becoming a paramedic, and is generally regulated by state agencies of emergency medical services. The agencies not only cover paramedic school (also known as EMT-P), as well as basic emergency medical technician courses. State agencies are also responsible for providing licensing for ambulances, and paramedic related vehicles (helicopters, ambulances, etc.)

The majority of paramedic training courses are available at vocational, technical, community, or junior colleges, though there are some adjunct training programs aligned with local hospitals.

Not all paramedic programs offer the same level of courses. For example, many are available to cover emergency medical technician basic training, but the advanced paramedic classes are less prevalent. Make sure to check with your desired training program before you make a final decision on where to get your training. You might also receive a discount or find some other benefit if you keep all your training within the same complex.